Award Nominations

Best of the Net 2023

Every Which Way, the Wind by Pat Foran

If It Plays in Peoria: A Glossary of Midwestern Survival by Megan Cannella

Lampyridae by Erin Calabria

Throwing Pennies by Cassie Mannes Murray

Derringer Awards 2022

The Ghost of Green Valley by William R. Soldan

Balaclava by Matthew Fiander

Dance the Night Away by Bobby Mathews

Best Small Fictions 2022

“An Imaginary Friend is a Conjured Ghost” by Victoria Buitron

“Birds of Prey” by Kelle Shillaci Clarke

“Casual Savior” by Amy Barnes

“Chamomile Tea, Undrunk” by Jo Varnish

“Family Portrait” by Michael Bettendorf

Best Microfiction 2022

“Deer” by Nick Gardner

“Eight Seconds” by Sabrina Hicks

“Ghost Heron” by Jack B. Bedell

“Porcellanidae” by Mandira Pattnaik

“Ruth” by Dan Crawley

“Stallions” by John Brantingham

Pushcart Prize 2022

“Birds of Prey” by Kelle Schillaci Clarke

“The Finch Hunter” by Barlow Adams

“The Ghost of Green Valley” by William R. Soldan

“The Screech Owl” by Chris McGinley

“The Theseus Paradox for Exhausted Parents” by Shannon Frost Greenstein

“Through the Trees, On a River” by Scott Gates

Best of the Net 2022

“Eight Seconds” by Sabrina Hicks

“Polish” by Meredith McCarroll

“The Finch Hunter” by Barlow Adams

“The Hottest and the Longest Lasting Fire” by Michaella A. Thornton