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  • How Should a Writer Be?: GOOD, HARD WORK

    By Nick Rees Gardner My love for working class literature goes back to my preteen years when, over the summer, I rode with my dad to mid-Ohio car dealerships where we’d repair car interiors and windshield chips. We walked the hot asphalt and sweated. I listened to my dad trade stories with smarmy dealers and […]

  • Intoxicated by Stories

    by Nick Rees Gardner While at a residency last month, I sat with a group of artists and writers circled on adirondack chairs sharing some of Vermont’s finest IPAs. At my feet was a fresh four-pack of The Alchemist’s iconic Heady Topper and in my hand I held a Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine. I had […]

  • How Should a Writer Be?: Burnt Out on the “Fuel of Darkness”

    by Nick Rees Gardner “I had never wanted to be one person, or even believed that I was one, so I had never considered the true singularity of anyone else.”             – Sheila Heti, How Should a Person be? In her New York Times article “Does Recovery Kill Great Writing,” Leslie Jamison mentions that she […]

  • Deer

    Fiction by Nick Gardner Lissa hit her hash pen and curved the county roads through mid-Ohio, hoping to forget about the grad school apps Tom had left tabbed up on his MacBook like he wanted her to find them, mouse hovering over submit. He was applying for Gender Studies in places like Tallahassee, Baton Rouge, […]