Tag: Justin Lee

  • Can You Come Back If You Never Really Left?

    A Review of Steph Post’s A Tree Born Crooked By Justin Lee A Tree Born Crooked centers on James Hart, a man who escaped his hometown of Crystal Springs to attend flight school. He initially manages to make a go of a life of his choosing. A clean slate of sorts. When his new life […]

  • We Are All Made of Stars

    A review of Jordan Harper’s The Last King of California By Justin Lee “See a scar of smoke across the belly of the sky.” That ominous opening line brings us into Jordan Harper’s The Last King of California. At the offset we are introduced to Beast Daniels, the big bad with bolts that is killing […]

  • It Never Leaves

    A review of Curtis Ippolito’s Burying the Newspaper Man By Justin Lee There is a line from a City & Colour song that kept coming to mind while reading this story. It goes: “A haunted man who can’t outrun his ghosts. They’re in my skin and my bones.” I feel like that is a perfect […]