Tag: fiction

  • When your mom is a wind-up doll

    Fiction by Brittany Terwilliger Pull the string once and she drinks half a bottle of Grey Goose.  You’re just having fun. Sunday brunch at that old garage with the rhubarb pancakes, the summertime corn fields as high as your head, you get that happy shimmer a person could float in forever. The craft cocktails are […]

  • Exodus

    fiction by Jamie Etheridge The marks are high up on the inside of her left arm where no one is likely to see them. I see them. Pink striations. They are jagged and furrow across pale, tender skin. She sits in detention with Julia or Kim or both of the North boys, neither of whom […]

  • Dumpster Cats

    Fiction by Kyle Seibel Gang all at the bar in their suits and ties and dresses and clacky shoes. Coming from Carter’s sentencing is why so fancy. Gemma, Carter’s most recent whatever, openly sobs. Six months, she says. No one knows what to say to that. Why Carter got six months is because he was […]

  • Frost Tender

    Fiction by Amanda Baldeneaux Autumn loosens everything. The cattails come uncorseted by late September. Hard wind unties the binding of seedpods for spreading. But just before the wind chill dips below freezing and the killing frosts come, the flowers in Crystal’s garden still bloom. Crystal only leased the lot of land from a neighbor, but […]

  • The Ghost of Buxahatchee Creek

    Fiction by Bobby Mathews Caleb White has been dragging around behind me ever since I chained his body to an anvil and dropped the whole mess into the deep water near the base of the railroad trestle that spans Buxahatchee Creek. Ain’t no telling where the little bastard will show up. Last week, he was […]

  • Refinished

    Fiction by Brian McVety The can of tile refinisher smells like the shame of gasoline. Zoë was nine when her father let her pump gas for the first time. He remained in their rusted station wagon to argue with the radio. The powerful gush forced the nozzle from her hands and drenched her denim cutoffs. […]

  • The Forever Project

    Fiction by BettyJoyce Nash The bike chain slips. Vee dismounts and inspects the rusted metal, noticing her lumpy leg veins. Poor circulation, big deal. Her blood’s run around her body long enough. “Lemme have a look.” Finn, from Island Mowing, leaves his machine and ambles over  in his ridiculous Hawaiian shorts, jumping with birds of […]

  • Squirrel Hunting

    Fiction by Francois Bereaud On an October morning in the last fall of his life, Art sits on his porch, a cup of coffee fortified with a half shot of whiskey in one hand – fuck you cancer – and his pellet gun in the other. Art’s not a stoic about his condition. He’s angry, […]

  • Cleaning House

    Fiction by Kim Steutermann Rogers Across town, a large hole is being dug to contain your grief, the headline read. Come by at dawn, dump your troubles, start a new day. The first day, Jen offloaded her ex’s favorite coffee mug, the stained one with a big blue “M,” the logo of his college alma […]

  • Orphans

    Fiction by Jamy Bond On clear nights we snuck through the window of the bunk house and made our way to the creek to skip rocks and soak our feet. There was something about the cool air, the sable sky, the moon’s vibrant bloom that made our crime worth its potential punishment. If Mr. Brody […]