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  • Adversity and Actuality: Finding the Right Shape For Your Truth

    By Barlow Adams “The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you.”—David Foster Wallace When people ask me for advice on writing during difficult times, they are almost always asking me how much of the truth they should tell. I’m never sure how to answer. There is a strange, nebulous […]

  • Adversity and The Artist: The Persistent Myth of Inspirational Suffering

    By Barlow Adams There’s a certain hubris in agreeing to pen a column about writing through adversity. It’s an invitation to the powers that be to take you down a notch. Let me tell you, those bastards listen. In the months since I signed on to write this column it’s been an onslaught of death, […]

  • The Finch Hunter

    Creative NonFiction by Barlow Adams My sister had painted the kitchen a sickly green and her meatloaf was dry. The onions in it were too big and there were too many of them. It was mama’s old recipe. It was only old now because mama died a year ago. Before then, it was just mom’s […]