Coming Home

Fiction by Melissa Llanes Brownlee The streetlights are puddles in ink as Kahea weaves her way home along the cracks in the sidewalk, their sodium orange glow weakly shining on the neighbors’ mango, avocado, tangerine, plumeria trees. She’d just gotten off the night shift at the Sack n Save with a few pau hana shots […]

Altered Earths: On Genre, Worldbuilding, and Multiplicity

by S.E. Hartz My old journals mark the moment when I decided, in tenth grade, that I would be not a writer but a scientist. I was two selves already by that time, one writing maudlin poetry in the wings of the high school auditorium during theater rehearsals, the other delving deep into diagrams of […]


Fiction by Nathan Willis The cars stay bunched together. When they go by, I cover my ears. It’s the loudest thing I’ve ever heard. It doesn’t bother the other people in the stands. They aren’t tourists like Harp and me. They understand the flags and strategies. They know the backstories of every team and every […]

If It Plays in Peoria: A Glossary of Midwestern Survival

Creative Nonfiction by Megan Cannella saying, I used to date a lot of managers of strip clubs for a while             verb             meaning to have tried too much             meaning to have cowered in ways that surprised you             meaning to have smelled like fried food more frequently than             is comfortable             meaning […]


Fiction by Stuart Watson I had been walking not quite an hour when I came to the truck. It sat on blocks. Four drums, no wheels. Or tires. A plywood sign rose from its bed. NEED TIRES That, I did. Just one, not like the truck. But was the sign referring to the truck, or […]


Creative Nonfiction by Hannah Grieco After Elane Johnson After I found his index card on the activities board of the youth hostel. After I hitchhiked to an ATM machine to get two hundred dollars. After I packed for a four-day trip and locked up the rest of my stuff. After I got into his rusting […]

Leave it All

a review of Don’t Know Tough by Eli Cranor review by Well Read Beard “It should be illegal… the power the game has over men, a blinding, burning feeling – a drug – that’s what football is. And for the winners there are no warning labels, no side effects or hangovers, nothing except the pure, […]

TV Time: “The One Where I Ugly Cry”

by Sonia Alejandra Rodriguez Watching TV keeps me soft. It helps me block out the commotion from the outside world and quiets the noise inside my head. On a daily basis, I overthink everything and dwell in the past while giving myself anxiety about what I haven’t accomplished today. My positionalities, as the oldest daughter […]